Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CH CH CHanges

The most important changes everyone needs to make in their everyday HABITS!

      Habits for Quality Sleep  
    * The newest improvement that I have made is......Eye Mask.....

 This has changed my sleep....when I hit the 

pillow I am out, and literally I don't wake up.....Life Changer!

    Find out what you LOVE and make working out fun. You don't have to be going to a gym to be physically active. 
* Play sports * Run/Walk/Bike/Rollerblade(my favorite) * Dance * Clean * Yoga 
This list goes on.....Fun ways to be active

   Natural Whole Foods! The biggest problem in our society today is we want QUICK food. The mentality is that if a food is healthy it does NOT taste good. WRONG. We need to emphasize how to flavor the foods with herbs and seasonings and to use olive oil. The processes of baking, broil, stirfry, steam, roast. One of my favorite places to find recipes is from Clean Eating.
Alot more to come on this topic!

Carry water with you everywhere. If you dont like plain water add fruit (lemon, lime, berries)
Get half your body weight in ounces.

The day after a hard workout you need to stretch/yoga. This will help lengthen and elongate the muscles. This should be the good part. 


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  1. sooooooo glad that You are back Nelly! I love reading your tips and they help keep me in great shape!!! Plus lots of energy! THANK YOU!